Three-Word Commission

Three-Word Commission

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A fan-favorite, and only available a few times a year!

I'm offering a few slots for you to commission original artwork for a very low price. These are quick, fun, and totally custom pieces that I usually spend way more time on than the guaranteed hour I have previously claimed I spend. 

Choose digital or watercolor, and at checkout include a three-word prompt or a short phrase describing what you want. Here are some examples:

  • Octopus, Pirate Ship, Sock Puppet
  • Space Teddy Bear
  • Star-Spangled Snail
  • "The Fox and the Hound on a Cargo Bike"
  • "Pet Portrait of My Cockatiel, Sunday" (include a picture)
  • Fire Pony
  • Beer drinking Dragon

If you choose a watercolor painting, you'll receive the 6x9" in a protective plastic envelope. If you choose digital, you'll receive a high-quality print and a file suitable for sharing on social media. 

I retain the rights to the image, so no reprinting it or using it for commercial purposes! Display it in your home with pride, or on social media. Let me know if you'd like a crop of your artwork for a social profile picture like twitter or facebook, and I'll be happy to accommodate you.

I can't wait to see what we come up with together!