Cipher Wheels [Digital Download]

Cipher Wheels [Digital Download]

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Print and assemble your own cipher wheels for encoding and decoding secret messages.

These are classic substitution ciphers— Rot-13 rotates the alphabet 13 spaces forward, so A is encoded as N, etc. The Dancing Men are extrapolated from the codes given in the Sherlock Holmes adventure of the same name. This wheel is presented in lower case (upper case versions of the cipher have little flags, which can be ignored)

I made these for a project with my scouts, who were between the ages of 9 and 11, and they had a blast. This could be a fun rainy day activity for schools, clubs, homeschoolers, anyone from ages 9-99 (though I wouldn't call the cops if you're 100 and want to play, too).

Feel free to purchase once and print as many times as you need. Or purchase multiple times to help support my endeavors to do weird fun things and make them available!