Anglerfish Hard Enamel Pin

Anglerfish Hard Enamel Pin

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Among my favorite weird critters of the deep, behold the Deep Sea Anglerfish!

The community was pretty evenly split on color choices for this one, so she's launching with two variants! My Marine Biology friends agree that the red variant is more accurate, but the green variant is much prettier!

You know, for a certain value of pretty.

As is true of its real-life counterpart, the Anglerfish pin has a bobble that glows in the dark! In the deep it helps her lure prey into her mighty jaws. 

All anglerfish that look like this are female; the males are much smaller, and when they manage to bump into a female, they latch onto her, and their bodies dissolve into hers, all except their gonads! Anglerfish love is a strange and wonderful thing.

We here at Sharptooth Snail do not guarantee the anglerfish pin will help you find a quality mate, but it will make you stand out in a crowd.

And remember to protect your collection by grabbing a pair of deluxe locking clutches.