Pocket Owls

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Pocket Owls are tiny buddies to carry along on adventures. They come in all sorts of colors, and they enjoy dressing up in funny hats and eating chewy candy. 

They love traveling in flocks, so you can adopt a whole parliament of 12 for the price of 9. I will choose some coordinating colors, but let me know in the comments at checkout what your favorites are. I may even slip a special edition into the mix (glow in the dark and marbled colors!)

Got an idea for a special variant? Select Make a Request and add a note a checkout with your idea.

Pocket Owls stand about 1.25" tall. They are made of durable polyurethane resin and are dyed with strong, UV-resistant dyes, by hand, by me!

Pocket owls are poured in batches of five, so color may vary slightly from the pictures. They contain small parts (I mean, in a manner of speaking, they are Small Parts) and are not meant for children or anyone else who is inclined to put colorful things in their mouths.

 HOLIDAY DEADLINES: US orders placed before December 16th should arrive before Christmas.