Vulprits Resin Figure

Vulprits Resin Figure

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Never run out of fox to give with a colorful little buddy at hand. 

Vulprits are tiny, mischievous pocket foxes. Each comes tucked in a gift-ready box with an adoption certificate. They are durable enough to carry around in a purse or pocket to take on adventures (tag #vulprits so your buddy's brothers and sisters around the world can keep up on one another's adventures), or they will sit quietly by your side at your desk and keep you company while you work (remember to sleep your computer when you leave; they might get on and send prank emails to your boss!)

It's just nice to have a friendly face to rely on, wherever you go!

2" hand-made resin figure with fine glitter.

Remember, resin "toys" are collectibles for grownups, and are not intended for children