Runcible Owl

Runcible Owl

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The Runcible Owl is a big, hand-painted edition of resin figures, based on my cute smiling owl watercolor painting.

This first edition consists of eight pieces in a similar colorway to the painting. Subsequent editions may be in other colors, so keep your eyes out.

The Runcible owl stands just under 3" high, and is made of dyed polyurethane resin. It is hand-painted by me and sealed with acrylic clear coat. Due to the hand-painted nature, each Runcible Owl is unique and may vary slightly from the one pictured.

Hand painted figures are a little more delicate than their unpainted cousins, so take special care to protect your buddy if you take it along on adventures. I recommend a soft padded bag to protect it.

As with my other figures, the Runcible Owl comes in a gift box with an adoption certificate.