Thread Fae Peg Doll

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Have you ever wondered what happens to those glorious bits of colorful threads; silky scraps; and stray beads which seem to go missing periodically?

 Well, it is surely the Thread Fae at work.

 What, you are not familiar with them? These mischievous little folk love bright colors, metallic threads; small scraps of iridescent cloth, and, naturally, seed beads which they use to decorate their personal finery as well as their wings.

 Look carefully, and you just might spot them gleaning from your sewing and crafts projects

Peg Doll Description: 2-3/4” tall wooden peg-style doll with solid cone base. Clothing: poly organza with overlays of confetti fabric created by the artist for wings and skirt. Hand beaded single wings. Thread hair. Will add ribbon for use as Christmas ornament if desired. Not for small children!

Twelve available with same thready hairstyle. Colorways presented are: light green; dark green; yellow; apricot; orange; lighter pink; hot pink; red; purple; blue violet; turquoise; aqua. No two exactly alike.